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Pulsar Pack
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  Pulsar Pack with Red Probe (650nm)   
Price:  $4,295.00
Now ONLY $3,295.00
  Pulsar Pack with Infrared Probe (780nm)   
Price:  $4,295.00
Now ONLY $3,300.00

The Pulsars are plug in probes which are designed to work with and be driven by anyone of the main units mentioned above. Each of these probes comes in an aluminum cylinder case with a plug in wire which then goes to the main unit. Each Pulsar has a crystal tip with 1 laser diode inside, surrounded by 4 violet LED's. The Pulsars come in a 650 nm version, a 780 nm version and a 405 version.

All of the Scalar Wave lasers come with free shipping and all the training and assistance needed to help get the user up and running with using our cold laser systems.

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